Abortion Pills May Become Controlled Substances in Louisiana

Abortion Pills May Become Controlled Substances in Louisiana

“Including a secure, medically indicated drug for miscarriage administration, prevention of ulcer, or to induce regular labor to a managed substances schedule creates the false notion that these are harmful medication that require further regulation,” the letter stated. “General, this ends in worry and confusion amongst sufferers, medical doctors, and pharmacists, which delays care and worsens outcomes,” the letter added.

Sarah Zagorski Jones, a spokeswoman for Louisiana Proper to Life, stated that the invoice means “giving legislation enforcement extra authority to cease the abuse of distribution of the tablets on the streets and on-line.” The invoice shouldn’t have an effect on prescribing physicians or pregnant ladies who are usually not in search of an abortion however want the remedy to take care of problems or labor, she added.

The proposal to reclassify the 2 medicines in Louisiana was a late modification to a different invoice that will criminalize compelled abortions, creating against the law referred to as “coerced prison abortion via fraud.” Each the invoice and the modification have been launched by State Senator Thomas Pressly, a Shreveport Republican, after his sister’s husband pleaded guilty to secretly putting misoprostol in her cups of water in an unsuccessful try to finish a being pregnant. (She gave beginning, however the child was born prematurely.)

In a statement in late April, when the invoice was amended, Mr. Pressly stated that it got here after “making an attempt to find out what different steps I can take to regulate the rampant unlawful distribution of abortion-inducing medication that ended up hurting my sister.”

“My sister’s story is evident proof that these medication are being weaponized and are a threat to the general public well being,” he added. “By putting these medication on the managed substance checklist, we’ll help legislation enforcement in defending susceptible ladies and unborn infants.”

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