Establishment of 7 Wing (Space)’s Commercial Integration Cell

May 30, 2024 – Ottawa – Department of National Defence / Royal Canadian Air Force

Today, Colonel Catherine Marchetti, Commander of 7 Wing (Space) and Director of the Canadian Space Operations Centre, alongside industry partners, announced the establishment of the Canadian Commercial Integration Cell (CIC) at 7 Wing (Space). Industry partners Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer at MDA Space, and Michèle Beck, Senior Vice President, Canadian Sales at Telesat, were present at the announcement, which took place at this year’s CANSEC Defence Trade Show in Ottawa.

The CIC is a new information-sharing structure focused on space operations established between the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and industry partners to enable discussions and data-sharing at the appropriate security level. This new structure will formalize the process of communicating timely and relevant information, leveraging the capability to protect Canada’s interests in space. The cell will focus on space systems currently supporting CAF operations and potential threats against those space systems.

Initially, the CIC will be comprised of subject matter experts from MDA Space and Telesat. These members will provide direct liaison between the Canadian Space Operations Centre at 7 Wing (Space) and their companies, enhancing real-time information sharing of indications and warnings of critical space incidents.

This initiative will improve the ability of the CAF and industry to respond to critical events by enabling the flow of information between military and commercial partners, increasing space domain awareness and protecting Canadian interests and assets in the space domain.

The establishment of the CIC is in line with Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy, which mandates the CAF to defend and protect military space capabilities, which includes working closely with partners to ensure a coordinated approach to assuring access to space and space capabilities.

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