Beamtree inks $2M AI deal to enhance private Saudi hospital's clinical data

Beamtree inks $2M AI deal to enhance private Saudi hospital's clinical data

ASX-listed health data analytics firm Beamtree has signed a contract to deliver its AI technology to improve clinical coding at Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Service Group (HMG). 

The A$3.6 million ($2.4 million) contract includes the deployment of Beamtree’s PICQ, which automates the audit of clinical record classification, and RippleDown, which helps assess opportunities for automation of clinical coding.


In a corporate disclosure shared by Beamtree, HMG CEO and president Faisal Al Nassar stressed that data quality is a “critical priority” for their group. The private healthcare group operates more than 25 medical sites across the Gulf region with over 2,000 beds and a 17,000 workforce. 

The data analytics deployment aims to support HMG in determining its human workforce and technology resourcing requirements in hospital coding activities in the future.


“This is an important milestone for Beamtree as we expand our work in the kingdom to the private sector,” said CEO Tim Kelsey. 

The HMG contract signals Beamtree’s foray into Saudi’s private health sector after introducing its clinical coding technologies in the kingdom’s public healthcare system. 

It has been assisting the Center for National Health Insurance in auditing the data quality of public hospitals. It was also involved in developing the kingdom’s health information strategy. 

Beamtree also got into a local commercial deal with Lean Business Services to create and promote integrated clinical coding solutions for health services locally and worldwide.

Meanwhile, Beamtree was commissioned recently to build a data analytics platform for Health Roundtable‘s network for hospitals and health facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

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