Cardio Diagnostics Holdings partners with Navierre for cardiac testing

Cardio Diagnostics Holdings partners with Navierre for cardiac testing

AI-enabled cardiovascular company Cardio Diagnostics Holdings announced it is partnering with care-navigation platform Navierre to make assessing risk and diagnosing heart diseases more accessible. 

Cardio Diagnostics Holdings’ AI solutions, Epi+GenCHD and PrecisionCHD, use blood samples to provide patients with personalized information regarding their risk for coronary heart disease based on epigenetic and genetic science. 

PrecisionCHD, released in 2023, detects coronary heart disease markers using AI without the use of specialized healthcare infrastructure. 

The tests can be done at home, in a clinic or via mobile phlebotomy. 

The partners plan to bring cardiac care to underserved communities that lack access to traditional cardiac care, including rural areas. 

Navierre clinicians can order a test or patients can create a profile and request the test from home. The company pairs patients with telehealth clinicians and allows patients to track their health records, insurance and medication history in a single app. 

“Cardio Diagnostics’ groundbreaking testing solutions are an exciting addition to our curated list of products and services we offer to our users. By combining our innovative platform with their AI-driven precision diagnostics, we empower patients and clinicians with the tools they need to identify cardiovascular risk early when it can be most effectively addressed. Together, we are making significant strides in the fight against the world’s leading cause of death,” Mustafa Dinani, CEO and cofounder of Navierre, said in a statement. 


In December, Cardio Diagnostics announced it regained Nasdaq minimum bid requirements after posting a closing bid price of $1 for ten consecutive days. The company received notice their stock listing price was not in compliance with Nasdaq in September. Before regaining compliance, the stock price reached a low of $.20. The company’s stock is currently trading at $1.16 as of the time of publishing.  

Cardio released a new platform in January called HeartRisk, which employers who use Cardio’s clinical testing services can utilize to address cardiovascular disease in the workplace. 

Navierre was founded in 2022, according to an SEC filing, and in March, added two board members, Jeff Stelnik of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Gaurav Singhvi of AFC Wimbledon, in March. The company said the new additions will bring healthcare accessibility and leadership skills to Navierre’s board.

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