Midi Health partners with Neurotrack to help identify menopause brain fog

Midi Health partners with Neurotrack to help identify menopause brain fog

Midlife women’s health clinic Midi Health is teaming up with digital cognitive assessment company Neurotrack to help women determine whether brain fog symptoms are indicative of menopause or signs of severe cognitive impairment such as early dementia. 

Midi Health clinicians will be able to send patients a Neurotrack cognitive screening that can be completed on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The test takes about three minutes, whereas cognitive screenings can traditionally take up to 20 minutes.  

Patients who receive low scores on the test will be referred to providers who can complete a more detailed evaluation. 

“Brain fog in menopause is super common – 74 percent of Midi patients report this symptom, as prevalent as hot flashes. And the good news is that studies show there is no evidence that experiencing brain fog signals that you are more likely to develop dementia now or in the future,” Midi Health Chief Medical Officer Kathleen Jordan said in a statement.

“For most women with brain fog symptoms, a Neurotrack screening provides reassurance, but for a few it could help identify early dementia – a progressive disease that benefits from early detection and early treatment.”


The California-based women’s health startup secured $25 million in Series A funding in October 2023, at which time it said it would use the funds to expand access to its services nationwide.

The funding round was led by Google Ventures and brought the company’s total raise to $50 million. Other investors include Operator Collective, 25M, Felicis, Icon and Semper Virens.

Silicon Valley-based Neurotrack raised $10 million in 2022 ahead of its cognitive health solution launch. 

In December, Neurotrack partnered with insurance provider Nationwide to simplify long-term care underwriting. The insurance company formerly used a 20-minute telephone screening, which is now shortened to three minutes with Neurotrack’s screening process.  


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