Ring-type sensor in Singapore measures skin feel

Ring-type sensor in Singapore measures skin feel

Nanyang Technological University Singapore has developed a ring-type device that can help speed up the analysis of skincare cosmetic products.

Dubbed HapSense, the wearable device is shaped like a signet ring and worn on the fingertip. It captures data on friction and pressure in near real-time with high sensitivity to offer “precise, objective and quantifiable” measurements of tactile sensation.


The device, NTU Singapore said, can propose extensive insights into the skin effects of a skincare product. It can hasten its analysis “by up to 10 times” while costing “just a fraction” of common skin‐testing panels.

It also enables scientists to perform AI-driven big data analysis using multi-year data on the effects of different products, garnering insights that can “guide the formulation of skincare products or personalisation of skincare regimes for different skin types and demographics.”

HapSense, a project funded by the partnership between Procter & Gamble and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, has potential applications for testing products beyond skincare, including baby care or feminine care. 


Alphabet’s Verily has been working with L’Oréal to have a better understanding of dermatological health. They also look to harness AI and sensor technologies to develop new digital tools for skin care.

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