State health app updates across Asia

State health app updates across Asia

The Brunei Ministry of Health has recently announced the launch of several new features on the BruHealth application following its update.

This includes a queue management system, which now allows patients to book appointments, pay online, and check in before visiting any government health facilities. It will also allow them to view their queue number in real-time on the app. The system is hoped to help further decongest the registration counter at government hospitals while providing convenience to patients and staff.

Another new feature is video consultation. For now, this feature, which is being piloted at the Muara Health Center in the port town of Muara, can only be set by health personnel. There is a plan to enable consumers to book video consultations soon. 

Finally, patients can now access their health information on BruHealth. It can show their records, such as laboratory results, medical visit records, medication records and immunisation records.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health has also made an update to its mobile health app, allowing users to log in on the app using a six-digit PIN. 

It was previously observed that many users of the Satusehat found it difficult to access the app after changing mobile phone numbers or losing their devices.

Meanwhile, laboratory exam results can now also be accessed through the updated Satusehat app. This comes a few months after the Health Ministry announced that verified users can access their EMR on the app. 

Setiaji Setiaji, chief of the Digital Transformation Office of the MOH, mentioned that they are now working to get radiology images such as ultrasound, EKG, CT and MRI scans integrated into the app.

Japanese startup Ubie has unveiled a new patient platform for health management. 

Called Checkup, it allows users to record their vital measurements and provides reminders for medications and doctor appointments. 

“Ubie developed Checkup to serve as a single point of self-care management that tracks health, shares that information with care providers, and sets up reminders for critical care moments,” co-CEO and co-founder Kota Kubo explained. 

Checkup will have specialised modules for various diseases, starting with asthma. Through the app, users with asthma will be able to manage their medications and monitor their Asthma Control Test scores.

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