JB Darlami's novel 'Marikhola Ko Dhungo' launched

JB Darlami's novel 'Marikhola Ko Dhungo' launched


Nepalaya, the book publishing house, has launched author JB Darlami’s novel “Marikhola ko Dhungo” amidst a special ceremony in Kathmandu.

In a press statement, Nepalaya announced that Author Darlami unveiled his novel “Marikola ko Dhungo” by handing it over to Eva Kafle, who was born during the period depicted in the novel.

During Nepal’s crisis period, Eva, born in a time of armed conflict, shared her experience of reading the book “Marikhola Ko Dhungo.” Author Darlami, seated among the audience, eagerly awaited opinions about his new book.

“We couldn’t study about armed conflicts in our sociology classes, and the tradition of sharing stories at home is no longer present,” said Eva, conveying her reading experience. “We wonder how to build a society, where we came from, where we are now? I found answers to such questions in this novel.”

Having spent her childhood outside Nepal during the crisis and facing challenges in Nepali schools upon returning, Eva expressed during the book launch, “I felt like I couldn’t read Nepali books before, but this novel’s sweet language pulled me in, resonating with me, and brought forth the heartbeat of our country.”

Just two days ago, author JB Darlami, who came from Butwal to Kathmandu for the book launch, shared his childhood and writing journey at Nepalaya’s R’ Sala. “I couldn’t complete my school education due to the lack of nearby schools and being unable to leave my mother,” said JB Darlami, “The hunger for reading, even when I couldn’t read, is intense.”

Even now, born in Arghakhanchi, where there were no telephones, roads, or electricity, Darlami experiences the release of his novel “Marikhola Ko Dhungo.” “I thought I had decided who would publish a book written in such a difficult situation, but I was wrong,” said JB Darlami, “I honestly poured the time I experienced into these words.”

JB Darlami writes both literature and non-fiction. Before this, two of his novels and a research-based book titled “Nepalko Rajniti Ma Arghakhanchi” have been published. Darlami’s storytelling in this era of conflict can be perceived as a “first-person account.”

The novel, with a compelling narrative style, along with strong storytelling, has become distinctive, according to a statement.

The price of the 134-page book “Marikhola Ko Dhungo” is NPR 345. The book is available in bookstores across the country. Readers worldwide can purchase it from Amazon or buy its e-book from Thuprai.com.

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