Government effortful for boosting investment in IT sector-Minister Sharma

Government effortful for boosting investment in IT sector-Minister Sharma


Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has said the government was moving ahead with determination to develop necessary policies, laws and infrastructures to boost up investment in the information technology sector.

In her message of best wishes on the occasion of the 7th National Information and Communication Technology Day- 2081 BS today, she said the National Cyber Security Policy-2080 has been issued for the first time with the objective of securing and managing cyber space.

The National Cyber Security Centre has been established, Minister Sharma said, adding, “The task of reviewing the Information and Communications Technology Policy-2072, Telecommunications Policy-2060 and Broadband Policy-2071 BS and formulating an integrated policy is underway”.

The government is confident that good governance and prosperity can be achieved in the country only through ICT use. the message reads, adding it would help in fulfilling the aspiration of building a prosperous Nepal by developing and implementing relevant projects.

“The government has a clear goal to achieve prosperity through digital transformation by digitizing every sector and revisiting the ‘Digital Nepal Framework-2076’. It was put in place with the belief of transforming the economic and social sectors by using more and more information technology for rapid development and high economic growth”, the message noted.

Minister Sharma also appealed to all to make concrete contributions in establishing good governance and prosperity through the use of safe information technology.

According to the Minister, ICT use is expanding at a rapid pace and the services provided by the State to the citizens are becoming information technology-friendly. “The use of electronic system in various public services has increased in today’s time”, Minister Sharma said, adding that the government has laid emphasis on expanding the reach of telecommunication services across the country as a basic digital infrastructure to make the development and use of digital payment system more rapid and effective.

With the theme ‘Information Technology and Communications, A Base for Prosperous Nepal’, the 7th National Information and Communication Technology is being observed today.

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