Barron Trump graduation song awkward for Donald Trump?

Barron Trump graduation song awkward for Donald Trump?

Donald, Melania Trump more than happy at Barron’s graduation. — Reuters/Marco Bello

Barron Trump, son of Melania and Donald Trump, has finally graduated at the age of 18 and a song during the ceremony has raised awkward concerns.

A song known as Pomp and Circumstance is heard being played at every graduation ceremony as students walk across the stage and receive their diploma, according to Nicki Swift.

However, it’s still not confirmed if this song was played during Barron Trump’s graduation ceremony, as his school played a mix of interesting music, which was a little awkward for the Trump family.

Donald Trump along with Melania were captured in a video, as they waited for Barron to reach the stage. A track by the name of Pompeii by the band Bastille can be heard playing in the background.

One is less likely to think much at first, however, gradually they will realise that the band did not have a very good history with Donald Trump.

Pompeii by Bastille playing in presence of Melania, Donald Trump at Barron’s graduation

Bastille released a song titled The Currents, which was insinuated to be about people like right-wing UK politician Nigel Farage and Donald Trump in 2016.

Lead singer Dan Smith told the Huffington Post: “It’s about anybody who says anything with whatever podium or mouthpiece they have. Be that just down at the pub, someone you hear just shouting off at their mouth far too loudly about things you can’t quite believe anyone would say out loud, or someone using a much more public outlet.”

Though, the band’s history would have made it awkward for the Trump family to listen to that song but they did not let it ruin the day.

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