David Beckham embarks on another legal venture

David Beckham embarks on another legal venture

The products of David Beckham’s venture has several products. — Reuters

President of Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami football club David Beckham filed a lawsuit against hundreds of sellers in Asia who have been earning exorbitant amounts using cheap copies of the former English player’s clothing products.

There were two lawsuits filed Wednesday by the DB Ventures — in charge of Inter Miami’s chief business operations in the US.

The products of David Beckham’s venture include clothes, watches, perfumes, sunglasses, video games, toys, soccer balls, and other sports items and these products were being counterfeited online stores such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

DB Ventures is seeking $2 million from each of those sellers maintaining that these people are deceiving the customers.

The current lawsuit comes after a month as the 49-year-old former footballer triumphed in a $300 million case in the same US court against counterfeit sellers.

The judge in its initial ruling issued a temporary order of restraint and froze the assets of defendants.

Marca reported citing a source: “Authentic Brands wants to put an end to this problem and stop people from selling counterfeits of David’s products.”

The report added: “They pride themselves on the quality of their products and rip people off without their knowledge.”

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