Don Lemon breaks silence over deal with Elon Musk

Don Lemon breaks silence over deal with Elon Musk

A day earlier, Don Lemon said that CEO X Elon Musk terminated his contract of his new show

Former TV host Don Lemon (L) during an interview with the tech billionaire and CEO of X Elon Musk in this image released on March 13, 2024. — Instagram/@donlemonofficial

Former TV host Don Lemon has criticised CEO of X — formerly called Twitter — Elon Musk for his conduct on his own platform that is fuelling hate speech, and called him a person who is “averse to facts”.

Don Lemon conducted his first-ever interview with Elon Musk for The Don Lemon Show as he bid adieu to CNN last year. The interview is scheduled to air on March 18, however, some of the clips have gone viral on social media. 

The TV journalist also revealed the reason why the 52-year-old billionaire was “very upset and mad” about.

Lemon asked in his interview about the increasing hate speech on X and asked if the CEO has some responsibility to moderate it as the businessman’s comments may be offensive to some.

The 52-year-old Musk replied: “I don’t have to answer this question. I don’t have to answer questions from reporters. Don the only reason I am doing this interview is because you are on the X platform and you asked for it. Otherwise, I would not do this interview.”

He also added that he is being criticised constantly and could not care less.

While speaking to CNN, Lemon, with reference to his interview clip said: “As for someone [Musk] who has one of the largest platforms in the world, I think it is 400 and 500m users a week and it does not seem that he has any responsibility with that because he seemed really averse to facts.” 

“That facts did not matter to him. It did not matter that he retweeted things that were offensive to people.”

The journalist added: “Because the things I asked him about were not supposed to be on his platform according to his own rules, his own content rules. They were supposed to be removed from the platform.” 

“He says well we don’t amplify them. But it does not matter. They are there. They are in the public forum and people can find them.”

A day earlier, the 58-year-old said that Musk — who is also the owner of Tesla and SpaceX — terminated his contract on his new show on X.

According to Lemon, the contract was called off hours after his interview with the world’s richest man.

Lemon said Musk texted him, “contract terminated”.

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