House passes bill for possible TikTok ban in US

House passes bill for possible TikTok ban in US

TikTok likely to be banned in US. — AFP/File

The US House passed a bill on Saturday afternoon requiring TikTok’s parent business to either sell the app or face domestic prohibition

A guideline imposed by the bill requires the China-based company ByteDance to sell TikTok within nine months, with the president having the option to extend this period to a year, or make the app face a ban across the country, according to NBC.

With the backing of Biden and the Senate, the proposal, which extends the period for a sale from a previous House bill, is now more likely than ever to be banned in the United States.

This afternoon, the House is scheduled to vote on three proposals that would authorise the United States to provide further security assistance to the Indo-Pacific region as well as to Israel and Ukraine.

One day after a rare and exceptional bipartisan alliance set the stage for the votes, with more Democrats (165) than Republicans (151) voting in favour of the “rule” to move forward with the legislation, the chamber was set to vote in the afternoon on the four initiatives in succession.

In the next few days, it is also anticipated that the three legislations pertaining to foreign aid will pass and be sent to the Senate for approval.

When combined, they comprise the $95 billion relief plan that President Joe Biden has pushed, albeit with some modifications from the Senate’s version that was approved two months prior. 

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