How does Jeff Bezos’ ‘two-pizza’ rule help find career, financial success?

How does Jeff Bezos’ ‘two-pizza’ rule help find career, financial success?

Jeff Bezos follows ‘two-pizza’ rule for quick collaboration and cost-effectiveness. — Reuters/File

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a “two-pizza” rule that states that meetings at his e-commerce company should not exceed the number of people that two pizzas could feed.

The rule aims to maintain small teams for quick collaboration and cost-effectiveness.

Here’s how you can apply this rule to your life to find career and financial success.

Assess your time’s cost

The two-pizza rule suggests keeping teams small to move quickly and avoid unnecessary meetings that cost the company money.

You can apply this idea to your finances by considering how much time a purchase will cost you. For instance, a $7 coffee may cost you half an hour’s work, while a $150 electric bill may take 10 hours of work. 

This can help you determine which purchases are worth the effort and which ones to skip for saving or investing.

Maintain focus

Bezos realizes that large meetings often tend to deviate from the main agenda and delve into topics that are completely unrelated.

Similarly, though there are many things that are beyond your control, you can always choose to focus on the things that matter and will bring you closer to your goals.

Pivot quickly

Bezos believes that the ability of small teams to pivot quickly and collaborate efficiently also makes them better to work with.

With this principle, you can maintain focus where it’s necessary, but also, because you’re in control, you can pivot quickly and shift your focus to a new goal or venture when one presents itself, potentially leading to more career and financial success. 

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