Is Elon Musk really going to buy Disney?

Elon Musk gestures during an event with the Disney castle as a backdrop. — Disney/File 

Elon Musk made an odd cameo on the Los Angeles red carpet this past weekend for the premiere of Lola — a small independent film that Nicola Peltz, an American actress, co-directed — and hinted at plans of purchasing Disney.

There are still many unresolved questions following the strange appearance of the second richest man in the world at the world premiere of a small film that hardly anyone has ever heard of, according to Futurism.

Although we don’t yet have all the answers, it’s likely that the billionaire was attempting to get close to Peltz’s father, an activist investor who has been openly criticising Disney CEO Bob Iger, one of Musk’s greatest adversaries of late.

Musk gave a fascinating response when a FabTV reporter questioned him on the red carpet about why he was going to the event.

“I’m just here with friends… Thinking about what companies to acquire,” he said, quickly walking away from the reporter while audibly chuckling to himself.

To be fair, Musk didn’t go so far as to declare that he was going to acquire Disney, but considering his recent spat with Iger and Peltz’s stance on the subject, it’s reasonable to assume he was alluding to the global media behemoth.

Disney was among the many sponsors who escaped to the hills when Musk made some brazen antisemitic remarks on his social media echo chamber X late last year.

Musk expressed his opinion on the subject at the ensuing New York Times DealBook Summit, telling X advertisers to “f***” themselves.

From a realistic standpoint, that appears highly implausible. To carry out such an activity, enormous financial resources would be needed — roughly four times as much as what it took for him to purchase Twitter.

The board would also need to approve this kind of agreement, having witnessed Twitter’s value plummet as a result of Musk’s absurd regulations.

Nevertheless, he’s tinkering with big bucks. Disney’s market value is close to Musk’s $198.8 billion net worth, which is at approximately $180 billion.

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