Jeff Bezos makes shocking revelation about his mornings

Jeff Bezos makes shocking revelation about his mornings

Jeff Bezos makes shocking revelation about his mornings. — Reuters

American entrepreneur and the founder of the e-commerce firm Amazon, Jeff Bezos has recently revealed about what routine he follows daily as people always wonder what is included in the routine of rich people.

Jeff Bezos — who is also the founder of the aerospace company Blue Origin — suggested that his morning starts very slow.

He told Lex Friedman Podcast that his morning starts with laziness; dragging his feet and scrolling on his smartphone.

The host of the podcast was shocked to hear this conduct as he termed the 60-year-old billionaire “one of the most productive humans in the world.”

Bezos responded, in an episode first released in December 2023: “I’m not as productive as you might think I am. First of all, I get up in the morning and I putter. I have a coffee … and just slowly move around.”

The former president CEO of Amazon also revealed that he also reads a newspaper and chats with his fiancé Lauren Sanchez before heading to the gym for cardio and weightlifting.

The owner of the Washington Post newspaper said: “Most days, [going to the gym is] not that hard for me, but some days it’s really hard and I do it anyway.”

Once in an interview, the affianced husband of Lauren Sanchez noted that he sleeps early and gets up early.

Bezos reportedly believes in embracing the wandering, or doing things aimlessly, a CNBC report suggested.

This is how he goes to the office according to Bezos where he encourages mind-wandering sessions to brainstorm and dissect new ideas without letting time constraints stifle creativity, the outlet reported.

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