OJ Simpson’s lawyer also protected Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump

OJ Simpson’s lawyer also protected Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump

Alan Dershowitz has notorious history with Jeffrey Epstein. — AFP/File

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor emeritus, was one of attornies on OJ Simpson’s “Dream Team’ and helped him get an acquittal. He consulted on the scientific aspects of the case.

He also gained notoriety by helping the late hedge fund manager and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein win a lenient sentence for abusing underaged girls since then, according to the Washington Post.

Additionally, he was also part of former US President Donald Trump’s impeachment defence team that ended with his acquittal.

Alan Dershowitz said about the acquitted double-murder suspect OJ Simpson that he will “always have a mixed legacy”.

Along with Robert Blasier, Carl Douglas, Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, F Lee Bailey, Barry Scheck, Robert Kardashian, Peter Neufeld, Gerald F Uelmen and Shawn Holley; Alan was one of nine attorneys, when Simpson, who died aged 76 from cancer on Wednesday, was put on a trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994.

Alan told People: “He will always have a mixed legacy. He was very smart. He didn’t always listen to his lawyers’ advice. (I) told (Simpson) once he got acquitted to assume a low profile. (He) did not.”

“He did some foolish things writing a book (‘If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer’) or he went on a lot of television shows. (He) did not do himself very much good,” he added.

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