What three traits successful people have and others don’t?

What three traits successful people have and others don’t?

You should do this if you want to become successful in life. — Pexels

There are certain traits and habits of highly successful people that contribute to their not only financial but also social standing among their peers. 

Psychologists have identified some of the successful traits that may be helpful.

When a person continuously doubts their ability to achieve something in life, it affects their ability to attain their objectives causing anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence, according to a CNBC report.

Here are some attitudes you should try to be successful.

I don’t deserve this

Research in the Journal of General Internal Medicine research noted that over 80% of people encounter impostor syndrome which may enable people to doubt themselves, said Christina Helena, a public speaking expert.

Helena advised: “Ask yourself: ‘Why do I believe I don’t deserve this?’ If the answer is because your goals don’t align with someone else’s blueprint for success, acknowledge that feeling, and then let it go.”

“Once you identify where that attitude comes from, it will have less power over you.”

Comparing with others

In the age of social media, people show their achievements without revealing the setbacks, prompting others to draw comparisons.

Instead, Yale University lecturer Emma Seppälä suggested that “rather than focusing on the fact that you’re not as beautiful or funny or innovative as someone else, focus on what attributes you do bring to the table.”

Think about what people appreciate about you and what is your contribution to others’ lives, Seppälä advised.


If you are rigid in your approach and not adaptable enough, you are limiting yourself to learning, author Cortney Warren noted.

You can have convictions that are important to you but so is being open to new possibilities, Warren stated, adding that you should learn from criticism and seek improvement by feedback. 

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